About MotherHearth


MotherHearth provides content and storytelling that validates, supports and inspires. Here, you'll find writing about alternative spirituality (particularly home-based spirituality, hearth and hedge/shamanic witchery and animism), magical practice from a healing and empowerment perspective, self-love, parenting and maternal mental health.

In short, MotherHearth is interested in revealing the deeper cut and encouraging mamas, caregivers, witches, spiritual seekers and wounded healers who are called to craft their own spiritual path - and in this, reclaim their magical birthright and inner authority.

MotherHearth is a newly channeled inspiration with an old soul. As I gestate her, she births me. She/we are a work in progress. With this in mind, here’s what I can say about MotherHearth’s values and spirit (so far):

  • The most powerful magic lies in the grit. This is great news for mothers, because we’re up to our elbows in grit! As the lotus grows in the mud, motherhood is fodder for practical magic and spiritual connection. We can imbue the everyday mundane with our magical birthright. 
  • Speaking of birthright, when we lean into our magical and intuitive heritage, we reclaim our power and authority to craft a life path animated by our truth and aligned will.
  • Hearthcraft is both inner and outer work that heals and illuminates. Tending the hearth of our heart and home is a living, breathing spirituality.  
  • The crafts of mothering and hearth tending flow when we bring our values to the process.  
  • Mothers, we’re not alone - generations have come before us, generations will follow. Kindred spirits, helping ancestors and archetypal allies abound - and they want to help! The energetics of hearth work has the potential to heal and clear generational patterns and lineage wounds in a deeply meaningful, personal way.  
  • When we live our most magical lives, we affirm the magical, spiritual legacy that comes so naturally to our children. Or perhaps more accurately, we slow down and receive their implicit instinct for magic.

The Longer Story 

MotherHearth arose from a conversation with an elder friend in December of 2019. As we talked about the holidays and family traditions, I shared that I struggle with this piece of motherhood - of creating a sense of ritual and joy within my home life. 

She responded matter-of-factly, "You know what tradition is? It's bringing your values to the hearth."

Her words stuck with me all day. 

I flashed upon the darkness of my underworld journey through postpartum depression following the birth of my first son.

I reflected on my own disjointed childhood experiences of hearth and home, of how they wove themselves into knots of fear and resistance to being in my own leadership as a mother and homemaker. 

I began to consider my values and the state of my inner hearth - my home within.

Later that evening while mindlessly cruising the Internet, I came across the word “hearthcrafting”, which led to all manner of spiritual, witchy goodness. 

In short, hearthcraft is about tending to the energy and heart of one’s home. It’s what The House Witch author Arin Murphy-Hisock might refer to as a home-based spirituality. 

My head tingled with the nudge of Spirit. I knew that my elder friend's words weren't random, that through our conversation what needed to be said was said - and what needed to be heard was heard. 

I live by synchronicity and connected these divine morsels to the blocks I encountered in creating an inspired motherhood and home life.

Though I spent the majority of my adult life as a spiritual seeker and psychotherapist on a quest to make a difference in the world, I often felt powerless, ineffective and resentful within my new role as mother and homemaker. 

With the spirit of the hearth as my guide, I felt a wave of hope - and dare I say confidence - that an intentional practice of magic within the context of deep, inner work would help me finally step into my own authority as a mother, homemaker - and a whole freaking Self!

And so, here we are.

I've re-dedicated myself to magic and call forth the spirit of MotherHearth to nourish my heart and fill my home with peace, inspiration and love. 

I'm excited to share with you all that I discover, learn and remember. Perhaps you too will hear the call of your own MotherHearth spirit.

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