How to Start Your Hearthcraft Journey

Download my Hearthcraft Deep-Dive Refection Guide.

As a younger person, I spent as much time being away from my home as possible. I was the adolescent who could always be found at a friend’s house. I was the twenty-something who showed up to all the parties, but never hosted. I was the thirty-something who rolled my eyes at my partner’s unwillingness to uproot and move every few years.

I was a restless soul, and didn’t feel at home anywhere - especially within myself.

Then came motherhood. Somewhere amid the non-stop demand to be on and connected to a vulnerable, utterly dependent being, I ran into this restless soul - and she was pissed! She felt like she was on lock-down, her freedom stripped.

Fast forward. I now have a four year-old and one on the way. Even though I still feel the shiver of restlessness, I’m much more invested in finding the magical within my life as a mom and hearth-tender.

As a former psychotherapist and eternal deep-diver, I find the best place to start a new practice is within: to ask yourself powerful questions that evoke self-reflection and illuminate your psyche.

There are so many currents moving below the surface that potentially influence your relationship to hearthcraft, such as:

  • The beliefs, stories and meaning you hold about tending hearth and home: Does it feel like one more thing to do? Does it inspire you in some way?
  • Your expectations: Does hearthcrafting need to be grand endeavor? Simple? An organized effort? Intuitively driven? Pinterest-worthy? A beautiful mess?
  • Where you draw energy and inspiration from: Being out in the world? In your own space and interiority? In nature?
  • How you run your energy: Flying by the seat of your pants? Head in the clouds, feet unaccounted for? Feet firmly rooted with a desire for predictability? Concrete and structured, flowing and flexible?
  • Messages about home and hearth absorbed as a child/adolescent.
  • Emotions and patterns concerning safety, place and belonging.
  • Traumas, wounds and/or generational imprints that impacted your sense of home (both your inner sense of home and your tangible, manifest home).

This isn’t an exhaustive list, nor is there a right answer or mandate to enter into an intentional hearthcraft practice.

Rather, these prompts are an invitation to plumb your psyche and better understand your relationship to home and hearth - and where you might center yourself should you decide to embark on a home-based spiritual journey.

For inspiration to get you started, download my Hearthcraft Deep-Dive Reflection Guide.

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